Terms and conditions

§ 1. Introduction

1. This regulation specifies the conditions of booking the Friendly Inn Apartments accommodation units in Katowice.
2. The owners of accommodation units will be very grateful to you for obeying this regulation, which is to maintain the peace and safety of all guests’ stay.

§ 2. Reservations

1. Bookings should be made via our online booking system at www.friendlyinn.pl or by phone at +48 662 383 079. We take calls from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The following information is required to make a reservation: arrival and departure dates, apartment name, contact details, number of guests and arrival time.

§ 3. Cancelation policy and shortened stays

1. Aż do chwili rozpoczęcia pobytu w apartamencie, Najemca ma prawo anulować rezerwację bez ponoszenia kosztów. Prawo to nie przysługuje jednak Najemcy dokonującemu rezerwacji bezzwrotnej, przez którą rozumie się rezerwację na warunkach promocyjnych cenowo, a określonych każdorazowo na stronie internetowej pod adresem www.friendlyinn.pl.
2. Refunds will not be given for shortened stays.

§ 4. Service of renting the apartment

1. The price of renting includes all taxes and additional payments, i.e. for media: gas, electricity water, the Internet and cleaning before the tenant’s departure.
2. The apartment’s equipment includes the bedding and towels, one set for a person. The set includes: sheet, pillow, duvet, big towel, small towel, floor towel.
3. In case of visits shorter than 7 days, the additional cleaning and change of bedding and towels during the tenant’s stay is possible for the extra fee in the amount of PLN 50 per person.
4. In case of visits longer than 7 days, the apartment is cleaned once a week without the extra fee, which is mentioned in § 4 pt. 3, what also includes the change of bedding and towels.
5. The apartment may also have available the parking space in the building’s basement. The renting person is not responsible for the damage or loss of the car or other vehicle belonging to the tenant.

§ 5. Guest responsibilities

1. The tenant obliges to use only for residental purposes and cannot give the apartment in under tenancy or freely to the third parties.
2. The bigger number of people than the one stated during reservation cannot stay in the apartment.
3. The tenant is obliged to respect the rules of good neighborhood. In case when the Tenant significantly breaks the peace or neighbors’ goods and does not obey the commonly applied norms of coexistence among people, the Renting person reserves the right to terminate the contract without the period of notice and is not obliged to return the money to the tenant for the unused period of stay.
4. The tenant is obliged to maintain the apartment in the same condition as at the moment of starting the visit – this especially concerns the furniture and kitchen equipment.
5. In the apartments there is quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
6. The tenant is financially responsible for all types of damages or failures of the equipment or the technical devices created out of his fault or of people staying the tenant’s apartment during the time of rental agreement of the apartment.
7. In case the damage occurs, immediately after noticing the Client should notify the Friendly Inn Apartments.
8. Tenant is responsible for keys, entrance card and remote pilot to garage. In case of losing them, tenant is obliged to cover costs.
9. The tenant has a duty to pay special attention to the proper service of the water valves and electrical devices. Due to the fire protection, the tenant cannot use any devices powered with the electric energy, which do not constitute the equipment of the room apart from: computers, razors, hair dryers.
10. Due to the safety and comfort of the guests, smoking cigarettes / lighting candles in the apartment is forbidden! The place in which you can smoke depending on the apartment will be selected in the day of concluding the agreement by the Hirer. In case of breaking this rule tenant is obliged to pay the fee in the amount of PLN 500.
11. We invite you without pets.
12. The hirer has the right to refuse the admission of the tenant, who has significantly violated the regulations during his last visit, has damaged the property of the Hirer or has disrupted the rules of good neighbor coexistence.
13. Pictures and videos taken in the apartment, where equipment of the apartment is visible, cannot become publicly available without permission of the hirer. This prohibition concerns in particular to post pictures or videos on internet portal and social networks.
14. Organizing all kind of parties/events in the apartment is not allowed. In case of breaking this rule tenant is obliged to pay the fee in the amount of PLN 1000.

§ 6. Check-in, key collect and payment

1. The place is protected the whole day. The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. and finishes at 11 a.m. the next day.
2. The check in time is from 3 p.m. to 10 a.m. A late check-in (between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.) may also be possible and a fee of 50 PLN is charged for late arrivals. Please call us in advance to make sure that a late check-in is possible.
3. In case of the lack of possibility to arrive at the agreed on hour, the tenant is obliged to immediately notify the Friendly Inn Apartments via the telephone.
4. To check in you need to have your ID/passport or other document with photo and the valid credit card with number and it’s expiration date. If you don’t have credit card – deposit in the amount of 500 PLN is required. Deposit is returned when you check out. Credit card data or deposit is protection in case of damages or failures mentioned in § 5 pt. 6.
5. The charges for the stay are paid in advance (if it was not made by a transfer) with cash or a credit card.

§ 7. Free stay of children under the age of four

You can stay with a child under the age of four in the apartment, and his stay is treated as free, when the child sleeps with an adult or in his own bed, which does not require an extra set of bedding and towels. Each adult can have only one child, whose stay is free. When the number of children entitled to a free stay is bigger than the number of adults, their visit is automatically counted as paid one.

§ 8. Force majeure

1. In case of occurrence of circumstances impossible to predict, which results cannot be immediately removed with the regular means, the landlord has the right to offer the tenant a replacement local. He also has the right, in case of occurrence of the force majeure circumstances, to withdraw from the contract. This also includes circumstances in which the personal safety of the landlord or his possessions, due to reasons independent from the tenant, will not be possible to guarantee.
2. In the circumstances presented in § 7 pt. 1 the amounts paid by the tenant is immediately refundable, minus the amounts due to the lessor for the already performed services.

§ 9. Complaints

1. In case of irregularities, the tenant has the right to complain within 14 days since their occurrence. The complaints, claims and all grievances should be sent to rezerwacja@friendlyinn.pl.
2. The consideration of complaints follows within 14 working days since its receiving. The tenant will be immediately notified by e-mail about the way of its consideration.

§ 10. Final provisions

The proper law applicable to disputes between the landlord and the tenant is the Polish law. The disputes shall be settled by the proper court of the lessor.